Last Saturday we broke out our new Scrabble game. This was the first time we played it. It was fun, but we discovered that neither of us have much patience for games that take more than about a half an hour.


We tried to be civilized for most of the game, but we lost it by the end, and filled the last spaces with nonsense.


On another day, I had some of the delicious ginger cookies that Gin sent for christmas for dessert. I decided it would be great to dip them in the left-over meringue frosting from christmas. It was delicious, but a little drippy.


Continuing the food-ventures: PIZZA! It was tasty! I haven’t had pizza in a long time, and I got so excited I just had to take a photo. I took it with the flash, but I tried covering the flash partially with my hand, so that it doesn’t look sodang ugly.